Have you ever read these kinds of picture books by Taro Gomi?


They are the picture books which are written for kids to learn new
Japanese words, but they arealso worth reading for adults in a way
that they tell the delicate difference in Japanese language
by using his skillful illustration.

Taro Gomi is one of Japan's prolific children's books illustrators
and writers, so he is good at expressing the small difference in
Japanese. His illustration helps kids to understand the meaning,
and moreover, it is a good textbook for adults to teach Japanese
expression to kids.

I remember the times when my late mother used to read
these books for my brother and me.
My brother was a big fan of the books, and asked my mom
a lot: "What does this mean?", "When should I use this word?" etc…
On the other hand, I was not that keen on Japanese language,
and I tended to skip the words that I didn't understand.

It's been about 30 years since then. I just happened to buy his books
for my kids the other day. To my surprise, I still remember the words
and illustration I didn't understand.

It's worth reading even though you are old enough, and
the books reminds me of my childhood.







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