The rainy season

Do you like the rainy season?

I didn't use to care that much before my kids started to walk to
kindergarten, and now I am concerned about it.

First, when it's rainy, they like to put on their rain boots.
Just before they leave home, they ask me if it's raining out.
If I say yes, they quickly grab their rain boots even though
the clean and washed shoes, which I did for them, are ready,
they just ignore.

Next, while they are walking with me in the rain, they are willing
to jump over a puddle. They also love to jump into the puddle.
They don't mind if they jump high or hard. It is I who have to
care about the water not to get wet and dirty.

Finally, on the narrow street which is covered with green and moss,
they begin to look for snails. It's almost there to kindergarten,
but they never stop finding them until they find one.

It's only ten minutes' walk for adults, on the other hand, it takes
two or three times longer when I walk with my kids.
Though it's just the rainy season, it gives precious moments to us.







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