Have you ever been to Water Science Museum in Kumamoto City?

Water Science Museum is the place where people can learn
about the groundwater. It shows where the water comes from
and goes to. The source of tap water in Kumamoto City is only
groundwater. It is valuable and indispensable for our lives.
In addition, people can drink the tap water directly without disinfecting.

Fortunately, the entrance fee is free. The museum also has enough
space to park. It is also convenient especially for adults who have kids.
Since it has a pond around the museum, kids can play in the pond.

When it is hot and humid, it is the very nice place to cool down.
Just in case, when kids play in the pond, they have to wear their swimsuits.
Don't forget to bring your swimsuits!! The pond is not deep enough,
so the little kids would love it better than teenagers.

Water Science Museum





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