New Trend!?

Last week a member of our staff went to Tokyo to attend her friend's
wedding reception. When I heard that it would be held on Wednesday,
I was surprised because most people in Japan have wedding
ceremonies and receptions on Saturdays or Sundays. It was just
ordinary Wednesday, and it wasn't even a national holiday. Though
it was a little shocking to me, it seems to be a new trend to hold
wedding receptions on weekdays.

One of the reason is the price of wedding receptions. Though
the number of holding wedding receptions on weekdays is getting
bigger, still it is not that common in rural areas. In fact, I haven't been
invited to wedding receptions on weekdays yet.
So, that means it is cheaper on weekdays as there aren't many
people who want to do so.

The other reason is that people who are invited to wedding receptions
are able to take a day off from work with an understandable reason.
It is sometimes difficult to take a day off in Japan, but if they have
to attend wedding receptions, no one would say "NO".

It is interesting to learn about the new trend. I was also surprised to see
the souvenir the staff gave us. The sweet which she bought in Tokyo is…

pudding and pancake

Pudding pancake!! As the name says it is a pancake, but in the pancake,
you will find pudding. It is now getting popular to have pancakes as your
lunch or with afternoon tea, so this pudding pancake would be
perfect if you don't have enough time to eat in. Are you following
these new trends? Anyway, thanks for the sweets, Mai-mai.





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