mangoes or peaches?

What kind of fruit do you like?

I personally like peaches, and even now I say that my favorite
fruit is peaches when I have to introduce myself to the first
meeting people.

When I home-stayed in America more than fifteen years ago,
some American teenage girls who had lunch together were
amazed to see me peel and eat a peach. I didn't understand
exactly what they said at that time, but they looked as if they
had seen a ghost or something they had never seen in their life.

Through the experience I learned that Americans usually
eat fruits like peaches with peels. I still remember the
experience, and that makes me feel peaches are something special.

On the other hand, my husband loves mangoes.
When our sister-in-law came back to Miyazaki, where she
was born, to attend her friend's wedding reception,
he asked her to get a mango as a souvenir?

I know that Miyazaki is famous for mangos, but a "mango"
for a souvenir?

A few days later, she brought us a big mango which was
placed carefully in an empress tree box. It was heavy
and looked so gorgeous. He cut it into pieces so that
my kids could eat easily, and that mango tasted rich and
amazing. O.K., I admit that some mangoes might be delicious,
but not all of them.

I still like peaches better than mangoes, though my son definitely
prefers mangoes.






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