Aso milk ranch

Do you like Aso?

It's a nice place to feel nature, but it would be difficult for little kids to
understand. Definitely yes, for my 3-year-old girl and 4-year-old boy.
They are so active and like to move around all the time, though they
are now on their summer break. So, I took them to... Aso milk ranch!!

Aso milk ranch is the place where both adults and kids can enjoy
nature, touch ranch animals, and play around. You can even try
milking cows. My kids enjoyed feeding sheep and betting a race
for sheep. It was the first time to face sheep so close, but they
looked happy.

Other than that, a ranch has a fountain area along with the sprinklers
on. My daughter got into the water and enjoyed herself. It is the
very best place to cool down. If you are also interested in beetles,
you can catch them with some fee. My son already has 5 beetles at
home, and unfortunately he had to give it up.

It takes about two hours to get to the ranch, but you will forget reality
when you come here. Don't forget to bite some ice cream made from
cow's fresh milk.

Aso milk ranch





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