Nobunaga's Chef

Do you like Japanese dramas? When I was a student, I was
so crazy about American dramas like Full House, Friends,
Ally Mcbeal and so on. I watched American dramas more
than Japanese ones because I wanted to live in America.
At least watching those dramas made me think as if I were
in America and feel satisfied.

Back to reality, I don't now have chance to watch Japanese
dramas because it is the time to go to bed with my little kids.
On the contrary, my husband, who doesn't watch dramas so
often, is now interested in a drama "Nobunaga's Chef."

He did watch #1 series when it was on around midnight,
and loved it. The drama is now in series #2, and this new
broadcasting time is early compared to other dramas,
which makes more difficult for me to watch.

This drama is based on a true Japanese history though
it is not sure whether this chef existed, but he is connected
well to real Busho (Japanese Military Commanders) like
Oda Nobunaga and Tokugawa Ieyasu. My husband is only
into the story and he is not aware of who appears on the
drama. If you are interested in Japanese history, you should
watch it!


I have two chefs at home. One of the chefs is amazing cook, but the
other little one loves to be taken photos…





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