meant to be...

 How did you spend a three day weekend?

I was invited to a wedding reception from one of
my students. I taught her English about ten years
ago, and it was five years since last I met her.

My seat at the reception was close to the bride
and groom, which made me nervous. My ex-co
worker sitting next to me was also surprised at
the important spot.

Since the groom is a police officer, half of the
seats were surrounded by police officers who are
his coworkers. When the bride and groom changed
clothes, he showed up in his uniform, which made
all the guests smile.

The groom and bride went to the same university,
and they started dating through their favorite sport,

At the last speech from the groom's father, he said,
"The very best thing through basketball he played
for a long time is that he met his wife-to-be."

They are meant to be together...
We don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow, but
I was glad to hear it as a person who recommended
the bride to go to the university which the groom
went to.






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