still alive...

Do you remember what my son caught a rhinoceros
beetle in summer?

After that, his grandpa got four beetles for him,
and he, actually I though, kept them at home.
We added a climbing tree in the breeding container,
fed jelly and kept the mat surface moist by spraying


Yes, the five beetles in total lived long while having
a fight at night. We sometimes had to face the
death since they don't overwinter, but we watched
their lives as time goes by.

When the last one died, I thought that my mission
is over. All of the beetles ended their lives. My son
seemed to understand that they wouldn't come back.
They gave us a good lesson.

However, it was not the end... About a week ago,
suddenly my son shouted " Mom, look! Eggs in
the container!"


No, no eggs. When I saw the container, there were
already seven or eight larvae.

Oh... they are still alive...

I didn't expect that at all, but my son is looking
forward to seeing new beetles.

new beetles





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